• Polyethylene spreader
  • Polyethylene spreader
  • Polyethylene spreader
  • Polyethylene spreader

Polyethylene Spreader

The most reliable spreader on the market in its class.


This spreader was created to be easy to operate and to maintain. Its polyethylene construction and its electric drive system offer lightness, durability and reliability. Versatile, you can have it built to you own specs by choosing among all the available options




Model P185
(7' short bed)

Model P210
(8' bed)

Capacity 1.85 yard3 2.1 yards3
Overall length 101" 117"
Overall width 49" 49"
Overall height 37" 37"
Hopper length 86" 102"
Weight (dry) 400 lb 425 lb



Available Options








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